International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 9 (2019) No. 2, List of accepted papers, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.9.2.1013

Designing and Developing Instant Powdered Breast Milk Complementary Food (MP-ASI) Product with Linoleic Acid, B12 Vitamin, and Pottasium Additions

- Nurselvi, Atris Suyantohadi, Moh Affan Fajar Fallah


Infants need MP-ASI or breast milk complementary food as main food at 6 (six) months of age or older. Ingredient selection is important to fulfill physical and chemical requirements of MP-ASI because it will affect nutritional and organoleptic values. This study was aimed to design and develop products related to the modification of ingredient formula of MP-ASI, including brown rice flour, tempe flour and banana flour, instant powdered MP-ASI production process. This study used Value Engineering method. Value engineering (VE) identified the MP-ASI concept expected by customers, obtained MP-ASI product concept with maximum performance and the best value, which considered minimum production cost while maintaining the expected product quality. The research result was a sequence of quality attributes of instant powdered MP-ASI product based on consumers’ assessment, i.e., nutrition, product hygiene, product safety, raw material, taste, expiry, texture, packaging material, form, packaging size, flavor, color, and price. The product concept with the highest value was concept product F (14,61), which was served by adding 2,13 ml/g warm water with dilution time 37 seconds and 0,83 g/ml bulk density. The chemical characteristics were 5,31 (% b/b) water content, 2,66% ash content, 6,10% fat content, 11,69% protein content (n-total), 74,23% carbohydrate (by.different), 398,63 kkl total energy per 100 gram material, 78,56% protein digestibility, 20,35% insoluble dietary fiber and 3,2 x 103 cpu/gram total bacteria content. The best product concept in the designing and development of instant powdered MP-ASI product should be scaled up to agroindustry which produces MP-ASI.


MP-ASI, product designing and development, Value Engineering

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