International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 10 (2020) No. 1, pages: 374-380, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.10.1.10463

Synthesis of Epoxide and Polyol Compounds as Intermediates for Biolubricant from Soybean Oil

Muhammad Said, Bobbie Rizkie Mandhala Hermanto, Muhammad Aidil Defitra, Febri Sandi, Risky Vernando


Biolubricant derived from vegetable oils is one of alternatives to substitute petroleum based lubricant. The biolubricant is environmental friendly, biodegradable, non toxic and renewable since it is derived from the vegetable oils. Soybean oil is potential as raw material for synthesis epoxide compound as intermediate substances for biolubricant since it has properties of high viscosity, low volatility, thermal stablity, vaporization stability and biodegradable. Polyol compound was produced through hydroxylation process of epoxide compound derived from the vegetable oils. The research aims to synthesize the epoxide compound from soybean oil, polyol compound synthesis from the epoxide compound and to determine kinetic reaction constants of the epoxidation and hydroxylation reactions. The process synthesis of the epoxide compound, as well as, polyol was carried out in a stirred glass reactors equipped with temperature measurement. The epoxidation reaction was carried out at 60 oC, 70 oC, and 80 oC with reaction time of 30 to 180 minutes with 30 minutes interval, while the hydroxylation reaction was carried out at 45 oC, 50 oC, 55 oC, and 60 oC with reaction time of 30 to 120 minutes with 30 minute interval. The highest conversion of soybean oil in epoxidation process was achieved 53.90 % at 70 oC and 120 minutes reaction time. The kinetic reaction constant for epoxidation reaction was achieved kep = 0.0046 min-1 at 70 oC. The highest conversion of hydroxylation process was achieved 91.52 % at 45 oC and 120 minutes reaction time. The kinetic reaction constant for hydroxylation reaction was achieved khd = 0.5528 min-1 at at 45 oC.


biolubricant; soybean oil; epoxidation; hydroxylation

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