International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 10 (2020) No. 3, pages: 1072-1077, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.10.3.10841

E-learning Content Design using ADDIE and SECI: Case of Shelving Activity in Research Organization

Dyah Kusumastuti, Rayinda Pramuditya Soesanto, Amelia Kurniawati, Mochamad Teguh Kurniawan


Knowledge sharing considered an important role in an organization, especially in an organization that focused on research activity such as research organization. Research Organization is an organization that focused on providing scientific information in various forms of collection. The collection often used as a reference for many researchers. The collection saved in the organization library service section and displayed by the types and classified to ease the finding process. In the shelving process, some employees take a different way to do the process besides the shelving procedure and gain new knowledge through experience from it in the form of knowledge. The problem occurred when the turnover of the employee is high because of the job role rotation. It is needed a way to preserve the experience from the previous employee of the shelving process, so when rotation occurred, the learning time of new employees can be reduced. E-learning is one of the solutions that can help the learning process. ADDIE is used as the model for the content of e-learning. The purpose of this research is to design the e-learning content for the shelving process by converting previous tacit knowledge using the SECI method. The output of this paper is the best practice for shelving activity that is used as the content of e-Learning. This research contribution can give a reference on how to convert tacit knowledge into e-learning. Future research can be done to develop the present application by evaluating the weakness and enhancing the feature for improvement.


ADDIE; content development; knowledge conversion; shelving; SECI.

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