International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 10 (2020) No. 5, pages: 2111-2117, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.10.5.10921

Rejuvenation of the Former Coal Mining Industry Area into a Heritage Site: A Solution to Overcome the Threat of Environmental and Social Problems

Delmira Syafrini, Muhamad Fadhil Nurdin, Yogi Suprayogi Sugandi, Alfan Miko


The defunct coal mining industries have turned into slums, and abandoned by its inhabitants, thereby leaving behind a damaged environment with complex social problems. However, in Sawahlunto, Indonesia, abandoned and damaged coal mining industries can be rejuvenated into productive areas that are an environmentally friendly and exciting place to visit. Therefore, this research aims to analyze processes and the various techniques used to rejuvenate the abandoned coal mining area located at Sawahlunto, Indonesia, into an industrial heritage site. The process also acts as a solution to overcoming the environmental threat and social problems associated with the defunct coal mining industry area. This study used qualitative research methods, with data primarily collected through observations and in-depth interviews. Furthermore, in-depth interviews were conducted on various city stakeholders with adequate knowledge of the process and its impact on the rejuvenation of the former coal mining industry area in Sawahlunto. The results showed that the rejuvenation of the former coal mining industry as an industrial heritage site has proven to be the right strategy to generate productivity and restore hope to local communities living around the area. The rejuvenation of the former mining area was also the primary factor driving the city’s regeneration. It helped ensure that the area is not turned into slums or deserted by the inhabitants. Currently, Sawahlunto has grown into a highly-valued coal mining heritage city in Indonesia and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


post coal mining industry; environmental and social problems; ghost town; rejuvenation of mining area; coal mining heritage; regional productivity.

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