International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 11 (2021) No. 5, pages: 1921-1927, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.11.5.11999

The Effect of Supplementation of Cassava Leaves, Palm Oil Sludge and Yeast in Kumpai Grass-Based Rations on Ruminal Fermentation and Gas Methane Concentration In-Vitro

- Riswandi, Arfan Abrar, Agus Wijaya, Basuni Hamzah


Swamp forage (kumpai grass), waste products from plantations, and agricultural industries are alternative feed for ruminants. To increase the value of its availability, yeast supplementation is needed. This study aimed to determine the effect of kumpai grass-based ration supplemented with cassava leaves, palm oil sludge, yeast on digestibility, rumen fermentation characteristics, and methane gas production. This study was determined using a Completely Randomized Design consisting of four treatments. The treatment is described as follows 70% grass + 30% Concentrate (P0, Con), 55% grass + 30% cassava leaves + 15% Concentrate + 0.05% yeast (P1), 55% grass + 30% palm oil sludge + 15% concentrate + 0.05% yeast (P2), and 55% kumpai grass + 15% cassava leaves + 15% palm oil sludge + 15% concentrate + 0.05% yeast (P3). Each treatment was incubated In-Vitro with a buffer solution (pH 6.9) and rumen of four replications (each repetition represented by three incubation bottles) for 48 hours at 39 ºC. The data obtained were analyzed for variance; if there were a treatment effect, the Duncan test can be further tested. The results showed that supplementation affected the increase (P <0.05) of dry matter digestibility, organic matter, crude protein, neutral detergent fiber, acid detergent fiber, total volatile fatty acids (total VFA), partial VFA, and total bacteria. Whereas, N-ammonia (N-NH3), the ratio of acetate-propionate and methane gas has decreased. It was concluded that supplementation of 15% cassava leaves, 15 % palm oil sludge, and 0.05% yeast in kumpai grass-based rations gave the best increase in the ration digestibility, total rumen bacterial count, rumen fermentation characteristics, and reduced methane concentration.


Ruminal fermentation; methane gas; feed supplements; kumpai grass; volatile fatty acids.

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