International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 10 (2020) No. 4, pages: 1423-1429, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.10.4.12768

Efficient Mechanism for Data Gathering and Transmission in Multihop Wireless Sensor Networks

Junheon Jeon


In this paper, we propose an efficient mechanism for data gathering and transmission in multi-hop wireless sensor networks.  In wireless sensor networks, data packets are transferred to the sink node. So many packets are gathered around the sink, resulting in significant delay and collision. To solve this problem, the proposed mechanism used a two-way method; one method works between 1-hop nodes from the sink node and the sink node. In this method, the data packet is transmitted in predefined time to reduce collision and delay. The other method works between nodes except the sink node. In this method, receiver nodes use BRN (backup receiver node) mechanism to reduce energy consumption, thereby increasing the lifetime of the entire networks. In the BRN mechanism, a receiver node that has received a data packet once does not participate in receiving data packets twice in succession by changing its status value. The reason that the receiver node participating in the data packet transmission once does not participate in receiving the second consecutive data packet is to solve the hot spot problem in which two receiver nodes alternately receive the data packet. Also, we propose an enhanced method for data gathering. The proposed method is used for the intensity and direction of the signal in order to increase the reliability of the duplicate data packet. Our simulation and numerical analysis results show that our mechanism outperforms X-MAC in terms of transmission delay and energy consumption.


packet transmission; lifetime; data gathering; MAC protocol; WSNs.

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