International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 12 (2022) No. 6, pages: 2485-2490, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.12.6.15834

A Systematic Literature Review: UTAUT Model Research for Green Farmer Adoption

Zaenal Arifin Siregar, Sutrisno Anggoro, Hari Eko Irianto, Hartuti Purnaweni


Increased food production necessitates technological adoption. Model adoption is a term that refers to the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT). The model development research seeks to identify critical variables influencing technology adoption. The development objective is to accelerate the adoption of innovative technology. A literature study is used to develop the UTAUT model and identifies significant factors. SALSA was utilized to conduct this literature review (Secondary Appraisal, Synthesis, and Analysis). The analytical technique employed is a meta-analysis, with the findings shown as a forest plot. Three hundred ten journals were collected for this study evaluation, with 11 selected for further examination. Currently, 13 models are being used in selected journals to modify the UTAUT model. Much of the research in Asia is conducted in research sites. In comparison to the modified UTAUT model, the UTAUT model has the most significant association with technology adoption (0.432). On the other hand, that model exhibits a high degree of heterogeneity (81.5%). Behavioral Intention (0.384) is a component of the UTAUT model, with considerable variability seen in the data (70.3%). Agriculture interventions must be directed at boosting the use of technology. A farmer may engage the services of a mediator following the UTAUT paradigm. Three critical factors to examine are Performance Expectancy, Social Influence, and Facilitating Condition Factors.


Literature review; farmer; model; UTAUT; meta-analysis.

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