International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 12 (2022) No. 4, pages: 1327-1334, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.12.4.16521

Microstrip Rotman Lens for Mobile Base Station Backbone in Disaster Area Networks

Novia Nurhidayah Prihatiningtyas, Khoirul Anwar, Aloysius Adya Pramudita


Mobile Cognitive Radio Base Station (MCRBS) is a technology to recover network communication temporarily in disaster areas. The communications can be built by constructing the backbone network, where it is formed by connecting multiple MCRBSs with point-to-point radio communication link considering the best routing algorithm. The MCRBS antenna system should has an ability on producing the beam into specific direction to establish point-to-point radio communication link. However, there is no capable system to support the MCRBS antenna system for directing the beam. Therefore, it requires a system that can assist in focusing the beam of antenna system for the MCRBSs connectivity. In this paper, we propose Rotman Lens that has beamforming capability to support radio backbone communication for multiple MCRBSs connectivity in post-disaster networks. The Rotman Lens is chosen to generate amplitude and phase shift in performing beamforming technique with simultaneous signal transmissions from MCRBS to others without moving the antenna system. In this research, the Rotman Lens was evaluated through a series of computer simulations and laboratory experiments to investigate the lens performance. The final proposed lens provides the experiment results for all beam ports with an average value both return loss and mutual coupling of less than −15 dB and −20 dB, where the magnitude deviation in average value and the maximum error of phase difference are 1.172 dB and 6.014º , respectively. The proposed Rotman Lens is also confirmed to be capable of controlling beam with scanning capability of −27º , −14º , 0º , 14º , 27º to support wireless communication backbone link among MCRBSs in disaster recovery networks


Rotman lens; beamforming network; beamsteering; mobile cognitive radio base station.

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