International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 2 (2012) No. 2, pages: 176-178, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.2.2.179

Finite Element Analysis of WWCB WALL Panel Flexural Behaviour

Mst. Sadia Mahzabin, R. Hamid, W. H. W. Badaruzzaman


In the present work, the finite element method is applied to understand the load–deflection response of Wood Wool Cement Board (WWCB) wall panel. The WWCB wall panel was  modelled using ANSYS finite element software with 8-noded SOLID65 and SOLID45 Element. The same parameters as the experimental data were used to  model the wall panel in FEA. Characteristic points on the load-deflection response curve predicted using finite element analysis (FEA) were compared to experimental data. The comparison shows that the ANSYS finite element program is capable of modelling and predicting the actual deformation behaviour for wall panels. Conclusions were then made as to the accuracy of using finite element modelling for analysis of WWCB wall panel.


ANSYS; WWCB; load-deflection; Finite element analysis

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