International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 13 (2023) No. 4, pages: 1393-1403, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.13.4.18243

Achievement of Performance and Evaluation of Green City Development Indicators for Sustainable Cities (SDGs) in 2030

- Rostin, Abd. Azis Muthalib, R. Marsuki Iswandi, Asrip Putera, La Ode Muhammad Harafah, Nini Hasriyani Aswad, Muh. Nur, - Sutrisno, Ebed Hamri Koodoh, - Hasddin


Urban agglomeration and complexity are a challenge in development planning for sustainable purposes. Future urban development planning aims to integrate the principles of the environment, economy, resources, and social justice. This paper reviews the journey of implementing the green city concept worldwide. It formulates new information about the position/achievement of green city performance, especially in “medium cities” what is interesting is that it creates new discourses for researchers and practitioners about the city, especially in “medium-scale cities”. We found that successfully implementing green cities in America and the rest of Europe still has to improve performance. Countries in Asia and Africa find it difficult to meet all the attributes of a green city. Important issues that need to be considered for the study of green cities are technological innovation, green economy, and environmental control for environmentally friendly industries. Second, focus on assessing green cities in medium-scale cities, and third, model green city development strategies so that the city meets all aspects of sustainability. The performance of green city development in “medium-scale cities” is still very low; only 2 of the eight attributes of green cities are defined (AGCI). The logical consequence is the need to give special attributes to “medium cities”; therefore, research on the setting of green city attribute standards specifically for “medium cities” is interesting to study.


Green cities; SDGs; sustainable development.

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