International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 4 (2014) No. 2, pages: 45-49, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.4.2.365

Consumer Preferences Of New Rice Varieties (Vub) In Lampung Province (Case Study In Tanjung Rejo Village, Negeri Katon Subdistrict, Pesawaran District )

Alvi Yani, Joko Susilo Utomo


Some New rice varieties (VUB) found adaptive grown in Lampung. However, the successful of the development of VUB is not only determined by its highness productivity, but a consumer preference is also an important indicator. The study of consumer preferences towards new rice varieties has been done in Tanjung Rejo village, Katon Sub District, Pesawaran District in January to July 2014 . Varieties tested were varieties commonly grown by farmers, i.e. Situbagendit, Cibogo and Ciherang, whereas for the VUB were Inpari 9, Inpari 10, Inpari 14 and Inpari 15. Organoleptic test was conducted to determine consumer preferences for rice and
cooked rice. For rice, the preferences tested were whiteness, aroma, shape and general appearances. Preferences of cooked rice were aroma, whiteness, flavor, texture and general appearances. Organoleptic tests on rice and cooked rice using a score from 1 to 5: 1 = extremelly dislike, 2 = dislike, 3 = rather like, 4 = like, and 5 = extremely like. The number of panelists used as many as 20 people. Based on the results of organoleptic test on rice, panelists preferred the rice varieties of Cibogo and Inpari 10, compared to Situbagendit and Ciherang. Score of whiteness for Inpari 10 was 4.24, aroma 3.67, shape and general appearances was 4.24 and 4.05 respectivelly, while the scores of Cibogo 4.29 for whiteness, aroma 3.81, shape 4.52 and general appearances 4.38. The results of organoleptic test on cooked rice, indicating that the panelists preferred the Inpari 9, Cibogo and Inpari 14 compared to Ciherang and Situbagendit. Scores aroma given by panelist for cooked rice Inpari 9 was 4.46, whiteness 4.50, flavor 4.29, texture 4.29, and general appearances was 4,29. This shows that people's preferences have shifted from rice that commonly grown such as Ciherang to the new varieties Inpari 9 and Inpari 10.


preferences; new varieties of rice; rice; cooked rice

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