International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 8 (2018) No. 6, pages: 2690-2695, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.8.6.6339

The effectiveness of Papain Enzyme Supplementation in Artificial Feed on Growth and Survival Rate of Mangrove Crab Larvae (Scylla Olivacea)

H Haryati, Edison Saade


The ability of mud crab (Scylla olivacea) larvae to digest artificial feed depends on the availability of digestive enzymes. To improve the ability of the larvae to digest artificial feed can be done by adding exogenous enzymes. Papain is a protease enzyme capable of hydrolyzing proteins into simpler molecules so that the larvae can utilize artificial feed optimally.  This study aimed to determine the appropriate dosage of papain enzyme and stadia of artificial feeding on growth and survival rate of mud crab (Scylla olivacea)  larvae. The experimental design used was a factorial pattern with complete randomized design, the first factor was the dose of papain enzyme (0%, 1.5%, 3.0% and 4.5%), while the second factor was the different stadia of artificial feeding that started, at stadium Zoea II and Zoea III. The results showed that the difference of papain enzyme dose, different stadia of artificial feeding and the interaction between the dosage of papain enzyme and the artificial feeding stage had a significant effect  (P <0,05) to the growth of carapid width and length and specific growth of individual weight. The artificial feeding larvae from Zoea II  stadium with 3.0% and 4.5% papain enzyme dose were not significantly different (P> 0.05) compared to those administered with artificial feeds starting  Zoea III  stadia, but higher and significantly different (P <0.05) than those fed artificial feeds starting Zoea II  stadia with a dose of 0% and 1.5% papain enzyme. The survival rate of larvae from zoea I  to megalopae at a dose of  3.0% and 4.5% papain enzyme was not significantly different    (P> 0.05) but higher and significantly different with 0% and  1.5%  dose (P < 0.05).  In the rearing of mud crabs larvae, artificial feed that has been predigesting with a dose of enzyme papain between 3.0% to 4.5% can be given starting stadia Zoea II.


artificial diet; growth; papain enzyme dose; stadia larvae; survival rate.

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