International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 9 (2019) No. 6, pages: 1959-1967, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.9.6.7075

Cloud Based Performance Data Analysis and Monitoring System for Express Bus in Malaysia

Rosilah Hassan, Husna Inani Abdul Jabar, Mohammad Khatim Hasan, Meng Chun Lam, Wan Mohd Hirwani Wan Hussain


Road accidents are often associated with developing countries. One of the developing countries with high traffic accidents is Malaysia. Buses are also no exception in cases of road accidents. Express buses are the main public transportation used by Malaysians to move to other states. However, many road accidents involve express buses arise from driver attitudes, uncertain weather conditions, bus health conditions, and the road environment. Thus, the study was conducted to design and build prototype cloud-based monitoring systems that could analyze the raw data received. The study can help the bus management to monitor the health of the bus in real-time using Big Data Analysis technology using the appropriate cloud-computing platform. This study was conducted to develop an express bus analysis and monitoring system in Malaysia, where the system would have a dashboard that would produce the analysis of raw data (strain and time value) from the Internet of Things (IoT) tools such as sensors, smartphones, and others in the form of info-graphics. The results of this study indicate that rural travel has resulted in the deformation of equipment and hardware such as engines or tires due to the high strain percentage of 321.49%. Therefore, buses that use rural roads are more comfortable to experience damage. For cities and highways, the strains are low with negative values where the city has a percentage of 1.69x10-2% and the highway has a percentage of -1.98x10-3%, with the very low rate, deformation will not occur in a short time, so the equipment and the hardware will be in good condition for a long period. In conclusion, this study has succeeded in generating an analysis and monitoring prototype system, as well as this analytical and monitoring system design can be used in the real phase of developing the system.


big data; IoT; application; smartphone; cloud computing; analysis.

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