International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 9 (2019) No. 2, List of accepted papers, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.9.2.7449

A Combination of Piper Caninum Blume Leaf Extract and Compost Fertilizer for Pressing Blast Disease and Improving Growth of Bali Red Rice (Oryza sativa Linn) in The Field

Ni Luh Suriani, Anak Agung Ketut Darmadi, Ni Made Susun Parwanayoni, Mohamad Hasnul Naim Abd Hamid, Bohari M Yamin


A mixture of 40% compost and 2% piper caninum Bl. leaf extract was found to be the most effective formulation to suppress blast disease by 57.17% when tested in a 0.2 hectare padi field in Senganan village, Penebel Tabanan, Bali. The significant reduction of blast disease and the organic fertilizer have improved the growth of red rice as shown by the average number of tillers (12.9) and leaves (60.5 strands) after 12 weeks of transplant.   The yield of the rice after 3 months of cultivation  was 5.51 ton / ha, an increase by 2.40%.  The morphology of the ripen grain of F4 treated clamps were studied and EDX analysis showed only carbon and oxygen are the major elements and  trace amount of  K and Mg were detected. The silicon was only observed in the hull layer.



Bali red rice, Organic, compost, extract, P.Cinannum, morphology, blast

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