International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 8 (2018) No. 6, pages: 2374-2379, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.8.6.7633

The Potential Areas for Crop Development in Morotai Island Regency, Indonesia

Suratman Sudjud, Ramli Hadun


The needs of food in Morotai Island Regency always increase over time, along with the increase in population. On the other hand, the available food potential is still low in productivity to meet the needs. Crop development in Morotai Island Regency, as an effort to fulfill local food needs, can still be done because the land resources potential is available and not optimally utilized. Agricultural land is the main resource for rural community development and food supply. The objectives of this research are: (1) To find out the potential of land resources and availability for crop development in Morotai Island Regency; (2) Identifying the advantages and prospects of crop development in Morotai Island Regency and (3) Preparing the recommendations for the development and management of land for crops in Morotai Island Regency. Data analysis consists of the needs and advantages of crops, farming feasibility, income, revenue, and land suitability. The results show that the suitable (S) land potential for the development of crops reaches 55,624.7 ha. Potentially suitable land for lowland rice, which classified as sufficiently suitable (S2), reaches 34,290.5 ha and marginally suitable (S3) land reaches 7,282.5 ha. Sufficiently suitable (S2) and marginally suitable (S3) lands for upland rice reach 25,040.3 ha and 28,932.8 ha respectively. As for corn cultivation, sufficiently suitable (S2) land reaches 25,040.3 ha and marginally suitable (S3) lands reaches 28,932.8 ha.  Development of food crops as a result of analysis of harvested LQ shows that base food crops in South Morotai District are wetland rice (1.06), corn (1.02). East Morotai sub-district is based on the development of wetland rice (1.14) and upland rice (1.02). Morotai Selatan Barat Subdistrict is the base for the development of lowland rice (1.42). North Morotai District is the base for the development of upland rice (1,15). While Morotai Jaya is the base for developing upland rice (1.49), corn (1.53).   Leading crop/s in South Morotai District are lowland rice and corn; Southwest Morotai is lowland rice; East Morotai are lowland rice and upland rice; North Morotai is upland rice; and Morotai Jaya are upland rice and corn.


food need; land requirement; land suitability; crop development; Moratai Island.

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