International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 8 (2018) No. 6, pages: 2380-2385, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.8.6.7697

Water Harvesting as a Technological Innovation and Greater Solving of Climatic Change Impact to Supply Fertigation

Nurpilihan Bafdal, Sophia Dwiratna, Edy Suryadi, Dwi Rustam Kendarto


Water is one critical factor in the agriculture sector and becomes the first barrier in agriculture production. In the dry season, water availability without depending on the season expertise should be able to find the technological innovation that can be used to the farmers, especially in the rural areas. Global climate change caused more long dry season and will impact to decrease of water from rainfall and runoff. Rainfall and runoff harvesting it means capturing water from rainfall where it falls or capturing in and can be stored it the torrents and ponds and good enough for resources of fertigation. Fertigation engineering is the application of supplying irrigation and fertilizer to crops and engineering principles to the solution of water management problem. Research of water harvesting with cultivated of red oval cherry tomato and planted was carried out at the greenhouse located in Universitas Padjadjaran Campus, West Java Province, Indonesia from January to Mei 2017. The research method is descriptive analysis, and the red oval tomato planted it on the autopot with growth media uses mixed of charcoal husk and zeolite with ratio 9: 1 and 15 cm height.  The amount of water harvesting from the green house’ rooftop is 20200,5 liter per year.The amount of water used by tomato plant used auto pot is 427,12 liter.    The research shows that the water used of red oval tomato where for initial stage 66 liter; development stage 36,22 liter; midseason stage 310,04 liter  and late seasons stage 14,86 liter; average total water used for red oval tomato at 8,21 liter/plant. The average yield of red oval tomato per plants using autopot where the lowest yield was 0.731 kg/plant while the highest yield of 1.648 kg/plant. The value of water use efficiency of red oval tomato is


climate change; water harvesting; fertigation; autopot; water used efficiency.

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