International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 1 (2011) No. 4, pages: 409-412, Proceeding of the International Conference on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology (ICASEIT 2011), Bangi, Malaysia, 14-15 January 2011, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.1.4.83

Security Loop Agents for the Enterprise Applications based on Resource Description Framework

Ahmed Isam Khaleel, Ibraheem T. Nather, Adib M. Monzer Habbal


Security loop-holes can cost a fortune to a large enterprise organization providing e-commerce services. Meanwhile, the enterprise applications have been applied widely to simplify and generate better performance in managing the business tasks. Most of these applications (Enterprise Applications) unable to provide a high level of security due to the new daily threats specially when malicious agents entered into agent platforms and destroyed other active agents during the agent performance for client query. Meanwhile, the security issues in these applications left in the system unintentionally but are intruded intentionally. Hence, this study aims to come out with suitable solution for the existing question on how to secure and platform independent environment for the enterprise applications? By designing architecture to provides a secure and platform independent environment for agents' communication.


Agent systems; J2EE; recommendation method; XML; RDF; OWL; enterprise application

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