Othman Sulaiman

School of Industrial Technology, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800, Penang, Malaysia


  1. Vol. 3 (2013) No. 1
    Chemical, Colour and Strength Changes of Eco-friendly Hot Oil Treatment on 15 Year-old Cultivated Acacia Hybrid
    Razak Wahab, Othman Sulaiman, Izyan Khalid, Mohd Sukhairi Mat Rasat, Mahmud Sudin
  2. Vol. 5 (2015) No. 5
    Mass Attenuation Coefficients of Binderless and Polylactic Acid Added Oil Palm Trunk Particleboard in the Diagnostic Energy Range
    Mohana Baskaran, Rokiah Hashim, Mohd Fahmi Mohd Yusoff, Sabar Bauk, Othman Sulaiman, Matoshi Sato, Sudesh Kumar
  3. Vol. 5 (2015) No. 5
    The Influenced of Compression on Properties of Binderless Compressed Veneer Made from Oil Palm Trunk
    Norhafizah Saari, Rokiah Hashim, Othman Sulaiman, Masatoshi Sato
  4. Vol. 6 (2016) No. 1
    Characterization of Different Parts of Oil Palm Fronds (Elaeis Guineensis) and Its Properties
    Noor Afeefah Nordin, Othman Sulaiman, Rokiah Hashim, Mohamad Haafiz Mohamad Kassim
  5. Vol. 6 (2016) No. 2
    Characterization of Cellulose Microfibers Isolated from Rubberwood (Hevea brasiliensis)
    Junidah Lamaming, Nurul Hasin Sharudin, Rokiah Hashim, Othman Sulaiman