Adrinal Adrinal

Soil Science Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Andalas University, Padang 25163, Indonesia.


  1. Vol. 3 (2013) No. 1
    Prediction of Erosion Rate at Several Land Units in Upper Watershed of Batang Mangau, West Sumatera
    Amrizal Saidi, Adrinal Adrinal, Anggi Kharisma
  2. Vol. 4 (2014) No. 5
    Dynamics of Physical Properties of Ultisol under Corn Cultivation in Wet Tropical Area
    Yulnafatmawita Yulnafatmawita, Dendy Detafiano, Prakarsa Afner, Adrinal Adrinal
  3. Vol. 5 (2015) No. 2
    Effect of Nitrogen Application from Selected Manures on Growth, Nitrogen Uptake and Biomass Production of Cultivated Forage Rice
    Gusmini Gusmini, Tomio Itani, Adrinal Adrinal, Takumi Ikeda, Kazuyuki Nishimura