International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 9 (2019) No. 5, pages: 1725-1731, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.9.5.3532

Zone of Groundwater Quantitative Potential Based on the Characteristics of a Confined Aquifer at the Palu Groundwater Basin Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia

- Zeffitni, Muhammad Basir-Cyio, Mery Napitupulu


Groundwater is water stored in aquifers in a groundwater basin, which is influenced by geologic, hydrogeological, tectonic forces, and the structure of the earth. Increased water demand causes problems in water management, which are characterized by a decrease in water availability, especially groundwater. Groundwater resources are renewable, but refill time is relative, depending on water availability, surface conditions, rainfall, lithology, hydraulic conductivity, topography, groundwater level depth, and the influence of the nature of unsaturated zones. These conditions cause a decrease in groundwater availability. This phenomenon is also found in Central Sulawesi Province, especially at Palu Groundwater Basin. The distribution of groundwater potential, which has the spatial and temporal characteristics of the confined aquifer, has caused insufficient water supply at Palu Groundwater Basin. Thus, according to the problem, the research objectives are to analyze groundwater quantitative potential based on the characteristics of a confined aquifer on each hydro-morphology and the hydrogeology units of the aquifer. The study of the groundwater quantitative potential is based on spatial, geomorphologic, and geologic approaches, and is required to be done with survey methods, and analysis using Darcy’s Law. The research result indicates that: The characteristic of a confined aquifer consists of an aquifer system in alluvial plains together with denudation. Based on the topographic relief variation conditions, including the structure of the material and geomorphic process, the lithology and stratigraphy that sort Palu Groundwater Basin consists of Alluvium and the Pakuli Formation with the lithology variation. Confined aquifers are big (> 10.0 l/sec). The potency groundwater zone in the Palu Groundwater Basin is fluctuated greatly, ranging from high to medium. The groundwater potency based on a hydro-morphology at landform unit alluvial plains varies between medium to high potency.


aquifer; basin; confined; groundwater

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