International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 8 (2018) No. 2, pages: 554-560, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.8.2.4943

A Study of Crop Water Needs and Land Suitability in the Monoculture System and Plant Intercropping in Arjasari

Edy Suryadi, Dwi Rustam Kendarto, Bambang Aris Sistanto, Dedi Ruswandi


Arjasari is an area with dry land characteristics developed for the cultivation of palawija crops. The main problem with dry land is the limited availability of water. Hence, it is necessary to know how much water needs of the crops and the suitability of the crops of palawija crops developed in this region in order to make efficient use of water. The research method used is descriptive analysis method for assessing the availability of climate data to calculate the crop water requirement. The estimation of water needs of this plant uses Blaney Criddle methods with air temperature data measured directly in the field, while the determination of land suitability uses the method of arithmetic matching of land characteristics, to the land suitability class for the requirements of growing corn crops. The analysis showed that the amount of corn water requirement was 418.9 mm / season, soybean was equal to 349.6 mm / season, and sweet potato of 350.55 mm per season. The results of the land location analysis are very suitable for corn crops. The results of land suitability classification analysis for corn plant. The results of planting trials use a water demand scheme with land suitability in a predetermined monoculture system resulted in an average productivity of maize crops in the intercropping system of 3.84 tons.ha-1 and sweet potatoes of 2.1 tons.ha-1. In addition, the average yield of corn productivity in the soybean-corn intercropping system is 4.16 ton / ha and soybean is equal to 0.248 tons.ha-1. Provision of water according to the needs of plants is able to produce high productivity of crops with the more efficient use of water.


Crop Water Requirement; Land Suitability; Monoculture System; Plant Growing Requirements; Palawija Plants Intercropping

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