International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 9 (2019) No. 6, pages: 2015-2020, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.9.6.10087

Customer Readiness in Emerging Market towards Vegetable Factories

Tomy Perdana, Yuanita Handayati, Fernianda Rahayu Hermiatin, Nurpilihan Bafdal


Consumers are nowadays aware of the importance of product availability, as well as the quality and safety of the vegetable content they consume. Vegetable production in emerging markets, especially in contemporary Indonesia, still demonstrates erratic characteristics in terms of quantity and quality. Since the output static depends on several factors that cannot be controlled, such as weather, pests, and any other environment condition. Vegetable factories can represent an alternative solution for managing these problems. However, it is crucial to identify those factors considered relevant by consumers when purchasing vegetables to increase the success of vegetable factories. The survey conducted involved 680 respondents in various major cities throughout Indonesia. The results of the analysis show there to be five product-related factors considered necessary by consumers, namely: availability, physical characteristics, physical condition, branding and packaging and, finally, value for money. This research has practical implication, especially for individual or company that wants to introduce a concept of a vegetable factory in Indonesia. The five-product related factors from this research can be used to define the value proposed to the customer and the marketing strategy to make sure the business will sustain.


agriculture; fresh product; vegetable factory; factor analysis; emerging market

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