International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 12 (2022) No. 3, pages: 1085-1091, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.12.3.14629

Effects of Methods, Genders, and Interaction to Human Body Temperature Measurement Results Using Tailor-Made Infrared Thermometer and Application Program

Sensus Wijonarko, - Purwowibowo, Tatik Maftukhah, - Mahmudi, Dadang Rustandi, Jalu A. Prakosa, Bernadus H. Sirenden, Dwi Larasati


The 16-temperature measurement site method is holistic but inefficient. This study compared 8 to 16 temperature measurement site methods on seven married couples. The data gathering was obtained using our infrared thermometer, while the data processing was carried out utilizing Two Way ANOVA with Repetition inserted in our developed application program. Unlike the thermometer in general, our thermometer can equally measure the ear canal and forehead temperature equally. Our made application software was used and validated. The result shows no significant difference between 16 and 8 temperature measurement site methods (F method 0.05 < 4.26). There was no significant difference between male and female temperatures (F gender 1.46 < 4.26), and there was no significant interaction between the method and gender (F interaction 1.51 < 4.26). Male and female temperatures, in general, were almost similar, around 0.57 %, but there was a tendency that they were different in detail. The front head (face), lower part arm, hand, thigh, calf, and feet temperatures for men were slightly higher than for women, while the trunk, upper part arm, and back neck temperatures were slightly higher than men's. Based on these findings, eight temperature measurement site methods can replace the 16-temperature measurement site method. A further study should be carried out to obtain the simplest temperature measurement site but with a significant level of accuracy as the 16-temperature measurement site method. Detail differences between male and female temperatures should also be further investigated.


Single temperature measurement site method; 8 and 16 temperature measurement site methods; thermoregulation; energy balance; gender; two-way ANOVA with repetition; infrared thermometer.

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