International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 8 (2018) No. 5, pages: 2225-2230, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.8.5.5157

Relationship of Chewing Tobacco Intake and Food Consumption with High Fondues Uteri on Pregnant Mother in Simalungun District

Evawany Yunita Aritonang, Albiner Siagian


Chewing tobacco is a tobacco that people consume by chewing. The main content of substances in tobacco is nicotine that is harmful to health because it poisoned pregnancy. The results of Indonesia's basic health research in 2013 revealed the prevalence of smoking and chewing tobacco consumption was 36.3%. This survey showed that iron deficiency anaemia in pregnant mother also high was 29%. District Bangun Purba Simalungun Regency is an area where chewing tobacco consumption done in many people, not only elderly but also young people including pregnant mother. The aim of this research is to analyze the relationship of chewing tobacco intake and food consumption with high fondues uteri in pregnant mother with cross sectional study design. The sample was 94 pregnant mothers second trimester and third trimester. The results showed that 31.9% pregnant mother have below adequacy protein consumption and 35.1% pregnant mothers have below adequacy iron consumption. The research also showed that 36.2% mothers have abnormal the high fondues uteri and only 63.8% mothers in normal category of high fondues uteri. Chewing tobacco intake is still performed on some pregnant mother whose frequency varies from frequency to occasional frequency to day. Statistical analysis showed positive correlation between chewing tobacco intake during pregnancy and high fondues uteri. The other hands the relationship between chewing tobacco intake before pregnancy and high fondues uteri showed no significant correlation. Although there is no correlation between chewing tobacco intake before pregnancy with high fondues uteri does not mean that chewing tobacco may be consumed by pregnant mother. Socialization of chewing tobacco habits in pregnant mother should be done by health workers at Bangun Purba Health Centre and Simalungun District Health Office.


chewing tobacco, food consumption, fondues uteri, pregnant mother

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