International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 9 (2019) No. 5, pages: 1746-1753, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.9.5.4951

The Pattern of EDTA-Blood Photo Spectrum in Ovarian Cancer Patients: A Novel Biomarker

- Ngadikun, Untung Widodo, - Tasmini, Heru Pradjatmo, Ahmad Hamim Sadewa, Kuncoro Asih Nugroho


One of the main causes of women’s cancer-related death is Epithelial Ovarian Cancer (EOC). A new spectrophotometric method was developed to determine a biomarker for EOC. This study aims to investigate the pattern of EDTA-blood photo spectrum in EOC patients. One ml blood was collected from sixty-six subjects (33 EOC patients, 33 healthy controls) by venipuncture, which then drawn into EDTA tubes for photo spectrum analysis. The t-test using programming in Matrix Laboratory (MATLAB) for Windows 7 tested the differences in ENBS and EBS parameters in the two groups and the parameters of EDTA-blood photo spectrum in two groups based on the energetics of non-biological systems (ENBS) and energetics of biological systems (EBS) approach. The statistical significance of p<0.01 was taken to evaluate the difference. The receivers operating characteristic (ROC) curves were applied to evaluate the effect of biomarkers on these parameters. The area under the ROC curve (AUC) is used to evaluate the biomarker with the correspondence interval (CI) of 95%. The t-test results indicate that the significant difference was observed between EOC patients and healthy controls only in parameter-1 of the parameters based on the ENBS approach. However, there were significant differences in all parameters based on the EBS approach. In a training dataset, the AUC values were 0.663, 0.704, 0.546, 0.611, 0.619, and 0.676 for ideal parameter-1 to 6 (IP1-6); and 0.886, 0.855, 0.765, 0.909, 0.897, and 0.789 for real parameter-1 to 6 (RP1-6). Sensitivity and specificity of IP1-6 = 48.5%, 42.4%, 24.2%, 57.6%,  84.8%, and 60.6%; and 100.0%, 100.0%, 97.0%, 66.7%, 39.4%,  and 72.7% respectively, at cut-off point 1.0E-12, -1.3E-06, 3.2E-01, 7.2E-11, -2.7E-05, and 4.5E+00 respectively; whereas sensitivity and specificity of  RP1-6 = 100.0%, 100.0%, 84.8%, 100.0%, 100.0%, and 93.9%; and 93.9%, 90.9%, 81.8%, 100.0%, 97.0%, and 81.8% respectively, at cut-off point 5.0E-04, 6.3E-04, -1.1E-03, 9.4E-03, -8.8E-03, and 9.8E-03 respectively. Thus, it could be concluded that parameters of the pattern of EDTA-blood photo spectrum based on the ENBS approach could be used to identify new biomarkers of EOC.


biomarker; EBS approach; EOC; the pattern of photo spectrum.

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