International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 11 (2021) No. 3, pages: 981-986, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.11.3.14486

Remote Pressure Water Valve Control System Based on PLC

W. Widhiada, I. M. Widiyarta, I.N.G. Antara, I.N. Budiarsa, I.M.G. Karohika


Currently, valve operations use manual processes to safeguard water pressure and distribution to the Regional Water Company. Conventional systems are still used upon operations in opening and closing the valve. This method requires operators to rotate the valve by hand to maintain the distribution and water pressure's stability to the Regional Water Company. It would be more efficient if operators can maintain the distribution and water pressure stability without going to the location where the valve is located. A PLC and Android-based distribution valve remote control system design is planned to be produced from this research. Control commands are done via HMI display on Android to the PLC via PC and server to control the gearbox motor located on the valve. The pressure analysis shows that there are differences before the control system is installed. The pressure tends to be under 4 bar and is less stable. However, after the control system is installed, it tends to be more stable, between 4 bar and 4.5 bar. The data flow results show a difference in the flow before the control system is installed. The distributed flow tends to be below the number 180 l / s and is less stable. After installing the control system, the flow is more stable and increased from originally at an average of 144.4 l/s to 171.2 l/s, a difference of 26.8 l/s. 


Water pressure valve; PLC control; flow; stable.

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