International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 9 (2019) No. 1, pages: 54-59, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.9.1.5931

Evaluation of Packet Tracer Application Effectiveness in Computer Design Networking Subject

- Ambiyar, Surfa Yondri, Dedy Irfan, Meilani Putri, Mahesi Agni Zaus, Syaiful Islami


The dynamics of technological progress in various fields indirectly affect the world of education. One of the indications can be seen in the use of media as a learning tool. This study aims; 1) to investigate the effectiveness of the packet tracer learning media application, 2) to investigate the responses of the students to such applications, 3) to determine the appropriate media used in a learning process.  The research is carried out in the subject of Computer Design Networking. The evaluation research is employed by using a mixed method of qualitative and quantitative approach. The quantitative analysis involved 58 students, while the qualitative analysis involved one productive teacher, one curriculum representative, and four students. Data are analysed by using quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques. The results show that, the effectiveness of learning media with packet tracer is high i.e., 82.76%, which covers three aspects; software engineering, learning aspects, and display aspects. This means that this packet tracer learning media can be applied as a solution to the limitation of facilities and infrastructures of network practices by considering certain learning situations and conditions. The results indicate that this application is very useful to deal with the high cost of practising tools. It makes the students more enthusiastic and motivated during the learning process. Hence, by implementing this learning method, the interaction and the learning outcomes of the student can be increased.


evaluation; packet tracer; effectiveness; learning media; computer networking.

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