International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 11 (2021) No. 4, pages: 1366-1372, DOI:10.18517/ijaseit.11.4.8557

Smart System and Monitoring of Vanammei Shrimp Ponds

Vivien Arief Wardhany, Herman Yuliandoko, - Subono, M. Udin Harun A, I Gede Puja Astawa


Aquaculture has become one of the livelihoods for people who live near the shore. Fish, shrimp, and crabs are cultivated using the traditional method, which still involves workers checking the vanammei shrimp pond's condition directly on site. We present a new technology for fish farming by using automation. An automation system is needed to control the system remotely so that the farmers can easily access the Water temperature, pH, and Salinity information. The proposed system consists of several parts; the first one is the sensors connected to the Arduino board, which is already equipped with the WeMos D1 mini-module (ESP8266EX). The module can connect the Arduino board to the web server and then transmit the data obtained from reading the temperature, pH, and Salinity sensors. Furthermore, the data will be stored on the webserver and processed and presented in graphical form—each sensor (pH, Salinity, Temperature) working based on the fuzzy logic rule. An android application also create to display the water condition of each shrimp pond. The Android application provides the reporting of daily monitoring of the pH, Salinity, and Temperature. The application also provides the control system to turn on/off the smart system; if the water condition is experiencing changes, the app will send a notification into the Smartphone. The weather changes have an impact on the success level of vannamei shrimp cultivation. Continuous rain conditions can adversely affect ponds' pH water conditions, temperature changes occurring pond water, changes in salinity and acidity, and hardness of the ponds water. Using a mobile application to monitor all parameters related will improve fish and shrimp cultivation.


Vanammei shrimp; pH; salinity; temperature; fuzzy logic; Arduino. Android application.

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